July 21, 2016

Cutting Edge Business Focus


The ethos of AM² Systems is to deliver fit for purpose business and operational management systems to manage risk more proactively, and at the same time reduce overall costs of any continuous process operational plant. One of our differentiators is that the company does not only employ IT professionals but industry specific skill sets as well. This allows us to offer a holistic solution to our clients that delivers on the following business requirements:


  • Risk Management
  • Proper Control over Production Activities and Performance
  • Optimization of Mining/Manufacturing Production Services, such as power, reagents, air and water
  • Commitment Cost Accounting
  • Total Cost of Ownership Management
  • Advanced Asset Management and Maintenance
  • Tighter controls over Operational and Capex expenditures
  • Inventory Management
  • Yield and Metal Accounting
  • Supply Chain Co-Ordination, Procurement and Logistics Management
  • Health Safety and Environmental Indices
  • Daily dollar per ounce indicators
  • Visibility over decentralized operations
  • IFRS,GAAP and Sox Compliancy

AM² Systems service offering ranges from normal consultancy services to training and outsourced management services:

  • System Consulting Services
  • Mining Consultancy Services
  • Manufacturing Consultancy Services
  • Asset Management Services
  • Financial Consulting Services
  • Training Services
  • Project Development Services
  • Service Level Agreements